I draw and draw and draw.

Draw lines in pen and ink.
Draw marketing strategies and content plans for a non-profit organization.
Draw (a small) part of the weight of Tuckamore Press.

Can I be a little more specific, you ask?

Why, of course!

I am an illustrator and designer, a marketing professional and the co-owner of a fine art printmaking studio in beautiful British Columbia.

This website is for my art, my drawings, illustrations and some of my design work. 

Do you like what you see? Make it special! 

Commission your very own original hand-drawn drawing here!

bear on couch ink drawing by Marcela Vargas
Commission – Bear on couch (tattoo)

Now, let me indulge is some self-promotion.

For my marketing world, visit my itisjustmarcela profile on LinkedIn.

To explore the world of traditional printmaking, and make fine art prints from copper plates, visit Tuckamore Press (psst, you don’t have to be a professional artist to do it!)

And yet again, look at my portfolio people!

Thanks for stopping by!